• Compositing

    - Strong Eye for Details - In Depth Knowledge of tools & softwares - Quick Problem Solvers - Expertise in Seamless Integration of 3D & Stock Elements in the Live Action Compositing

  • BG Prep

    Both have worked more than 700 shots as a BG Prep & Clean up artist in our early careers including projects like Click, Spiderman3, I am Legend & Hancock. In time to time, we enjoy working as a BG prep artist in our recent shows to support productions to meet production deadlines.

  • Motion Graphics | Web

    Being a passionate creative team, Sam & Shoban takes immense pleasure on being part of creative broadcast productions time to time. Both were awarded & appreciated by clients across countries for quality contribution in broadcast & web productions.

  • Recent Projects

    Gods of Egypt

    Posted on April 9 - 2017

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    The Legend of Tarzan

    Posted on April 9 - 2017

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    PAN 2015

    Posted on July 4 - 2015

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